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  • PLANT YOURSELF:  Howard Jacobon, Ph.D. is contributing author to three hard-hitting investigative books on health (including “Whole” by T.Colin Campbell – author of the China Study) who’s spent thousands of hours poring over research studies to expose the fact modern medicine is far from the miracle most of us think, and is still largely mired in treatments and diagnostic tests that are totally unsupported by evidence.  In this full length interview, Dr. Jacobson grills me about the Never Binge Again methodology and how one might apply it as an alternative to traditional overeating approaches and medical thought.
  • GET OUT OF YOUR OWN DAMN WAY: Recent interview with counselor Krylyn Peters.  It’s so interesting how every interviewer brings out different facets of the process.  Have a listen!
  • JOIN UP DOTS: David Ralph is one of the most popular podcast hosts on iTunes.  Listen carefully as he gets me to tell my story and quips that my $2 Million Dollar debt actually led to a life of healthy eating!  Have a listen.
  • HIGH OCTANE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Jason is a low-key guy with a high octane life!  A gym owner, podcast producer, online marketer, and more.  Listen in as he interviews me about neurological components to the Never Binge Again method!  Have a listen.
  • MOTIVATE ME:  Lynette Renda of the Motivate Me podcast had a very interesting take on Never Binge Again.  Have a listen!
  • LIFEOLOGY: James Miller is a licensed psychotherapist with a very interesting way of framing the Never Binge Again perspective.  In this intriguing interview he brought out several nuances of the methodology you won’t hear elsewhere.  Have a listen!
  • CUT THE CRAP AND KEEP IT REAL:  Tanya Frazer, holistic nutritionist and podcast host asked to interview me about Never Binge Again for St. Patrick’s Day, 2016.  Have a listen!
  • HAPPY HEALTH YOU:  Connie Bowman is an actress, voice over artist, and yoga teacher who runs an intriguing podcast called “Happy Healthy You”… in this full length interview I actually wound up coaching Connie to stick to her running schedule using Never Binge Again methods despite whatever her “Inner Slacker” threw at her.  Have a listen now!
  • THE RAW ADVANTAGE: In the spirit of using Never Binge Again to help people stick to ANY diet, Chris Kendall interviewed me in detail about how his audience could use the methodology to stop swimming upstream in trying to follow a 100% raw diet.
  • PLANNING YOUR LEAP FORWARD: A different kind of interview on a business podcast.  All about entrepreneurial-ism and my personal journey through it.  Listen here.
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