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FREE Book and Reader Bonuses

Enter your best email below for the latest version of the book in PDF format, food plan starter templates for virtually any diet or nutrition plan, recordings of full length coaching sessions to see how this works with real people, AND all the additional reader bonuses below ABSOLUTELY FREE!


(When you enter your email you'll get the latest version of the book, food plan starter templates for virtually any diet or nutrition plan, recordings of full length coaching sessions...AND all the bonuses below... ABSOLUTELY FREE!)

  • Custom Food Plan Creation Worksheet: A set of detailed questions to help you identify and customize your own plan.
  • Free Starter Food Plan Templates: No matter what your nutritional philosophy you'll find a pre-filled starter template to help create your own powerful Food Plan following the recommended categories from the book
  • The Four Most Common Food Industry Lies and How to Defeat Them: Our society is set up to feed your Pig. Here are some tricky ways they do it, and simple strategies for winning the game regardless! (Audio Interview + Transcript)...
  • 12 Sneaky Pig Squeals and How to Defeat Them: Taken directly from people's sneakiest Pigs, this interview will strengthen your ability to recognize Pig Squeal in all its sneaky forms. (Audio Interview + Transcript)
  • How to Change Your Food Plan Cheat Sheet: A simple one-pager with a detailed set of criteria to help ensure it's YOU and not your Pig suggesting the changes!
  • Craving Defeater Set: Quickly defeat ANY craving with this simple cheat-card you can carry around in your wallet AND an MP3 audio you can play on your smart phone
  • Binge Recovery Set and Binge Anxiety Killer: This set of MP3s and Workbook will help you put the Pig back in its cage for good no matter how painful a Binge you may have experienced. Download and carry it around with you in your smart phone to help eliminate Binge Anxiety whenever it strikes
  • Latest Version of the Book: I update the book several times per year. After you enter your email above you'll always get the latest version in both Kindle and Nook formats
  • Avoiding the Deprivation Trap Workbook: Struggling with whether to set a particular Food Rule or move a conditional to a NEVER? Who will be deprived, you or your Pig? Fill out this workbook and find out so you can make the decision more easily.
  • Unusual Ways to Neutralize Other People's Pigs: Troubled by what other people say, do, or tempt you with in an eating environment? Stop that! Just listen to this educational audio and arm yourself with a simple way to immediately neutralize their power
  • The "No Regrets" Worksheet: How to see the road not taken — "to Binge or Not to Binge - That is the Question" — the two different paths and where they may lead.
  • Pig Damage Calculator: A short, free test to see how much impact has the Pig had on your life.