Binge Eating Damage Calculator

Binge Eating Damage Calculator

How Much Damage Has Your Pig Done to Your Confidence, Health, and Life Satisfaction?

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    1. I am close to my ideal weight.

    2. I have boundless energy to accomplish what I desire each day.

    3. I frequently feel bloated and/or overfull after I eat.

    4. I can't stop eating sometimes even when I know I've had enough.

    5. How I eat in public is much different than how I eat in private.

    6. I'm ashamed of how I eat.

    7. I sometimes feel the need to fast or not eat for a day or more, not for my health, but to make up for a binge.

    8. No matter what I commit to with a Food Plan I eventually change my mind and break my promise to myself.

    9. I feel driven to eat even when I'm not physically hungry.

    10. I exercise more than I need to just so I can binge.

    11. My doctor thinks I'm too heavy.

    12. My doctor is unhappy with the results of my blood tests (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc).

    13. I've tried almost every diet out there.

    14. I can't stop thinking about food.

    15. I love how my body looks.

    16. I love how my body feels.

    17. Life would be so much better if I were a different size and/or weight.

    18. I always need to have something in my mouth.

    19. I spend way too much time counting calories, planning my meals, or obsessing about my weight.

    Calculate My Damage:

    IMPORTANT: No matter how high your score you can quickly, easily, and permanently put your Pig in a cage and take control of your eating forever. Take the test now, write down the score… then go and apply what I teach in the book for just one week. Come back and take the test again… you will very likely see a dramatic improvement!

    0 to 20 = Your Pig is Under Control

    21 to 40 = Modest Pig Activity

    41 to 60 = Serious Pig Activity

    61 to 80 = Your Pig is Controlling You

    81 to 100 = You Are a Slave to Your Pig